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Why should I get tested?

  • If you are planning on travelling to a country that requires a COVID-19 test for visitors. This website will provide you with up to date travel information:

  • If you are anxious about visiting friends or family, and would prefer to know if you could be positive for COVID-19 before you visit.

  • If you are holding or attending an event within HSE guidelines (wedding, etc.) and would like to reduce the risk.

  • If you have mild, non specific symptoms, but you are worried that it may be COVID-19.

Can I cancel my appointment?

  • Yes! You can cancel your appointment up to 1 hour before and get a full refund. If your flight is cancelled or the criteria changes for where you are going give us a call and we'll rebook or fully refund you as well.

Where can I get tested?

  • You can get your Covid-19 test at our clinic in Santry, Dublin 9 or in Cork City center.

  • We can also arrange group testing for your company at your place of work.

What happens at the test centre?
Please make sure you have booked in advance before you arrive and remember to bring ID!

  • Arrive at the test centre at your allotted time, and drive up to test station with the driver at the curbside. STAY in the vehicle - do not get out of your car at any time – the whole process will take place through your car window.

  • Stop your car and switch off your engine.

  • If you're on foot just come up to the door.

  • A healthcare worker will explain the procedure and check your ID.

  • We will then swab the inside of your nose to get a sample to submit for testing. You are then free to leave.

  • Your result will be ready within 15-30min and we will email you a certificate straight away.

What happens if I test positive?

  • If you test positive please follow HSE guidelines. Self isolate and contact your GP.


What happens if I test negative?

  • No Covid test can tell 100% that you don't have the virus as it has an incubation period. You should always follow HSE guidelines for social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing and protecting those who are vulnerable.

Can I use my certificate for travel?

  • Yes, our  test and certificate is accepted in a number of countries including: USA, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Croatia, Austria and others.

  • This is subject to change so please confirm before you book the test.

Can I get my child tested?

  • Yes we can test children of the age of 5 and over.


Can I send my kid to school after a negative test?

We suggest that you check with your school principal if your school have any specific requirements. 

If your child is not a close contact, it is usually OK to send them to primary school or childcare if they:

What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?
If you have one of the following symptoms please contact your GP

  • Fever (38 degrees Celsius and above)

  • New cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Loss or change of sense of smell and taste

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